GJMENI Black Leather Sofa

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With the ability to transform into dozens of configurations, you can effortlessly adjust GJEMENI to meet your individual needs. GJEMENI's sprocket-gear design assembly allows you to quickly and easily configure your GJEMENI. Each independent seatback converts into three separate positions, as do the dual arm-rests. So whether you’re watching TV, entertaining guests or just relaxing, GJEMENI can adapt to fit your needs.

Dynamic Support cushion design conforms to your body, delivering individualized ergonomic support and incredible comfort. More importantly, this technology significantly eases the pressure on your muscles and joints, so that your body can feel rested!

Temperature Shield technology regulates and diffuses heat, creating a consistent temperature layer whether you are sitting or sleeping. By infusing a gel compound directly into the foam stratum, GJEMENI can absorb and diffuse heat as needed to keep you feeling cozy and relaxed.

3-Zone Layering methodology integrates three (3) durable layers of cushiony foam directly into the pillow-top, providing the ultimate in comfort and support.

PolyFiber Composite offers precisely the right balance of rigidity and plushness, conforming to your individual needs.

Bonded Leather is soft to the touch yet highly durable to deliver ultimate comfort, style, and a reliable performance. It’s easy to maintain and is ideal for a busy and active lifestyle.

RECHARGE. Stay Connected!

GJEMENI has 2 seamlessly integrated 120v power-outlets enable you to work on your laptop all-day, without worrying about battery-life. With 4 additional USB ports, you can stay fully-charged while you talk, text or tweet.

78.7″ L (81.5″ leg to leg) x 40.9″ W x 38.2″ H